How to open .eaglepack file?

eaglepack is a proprietary format made by Eagle App and can only be opened by Eagle App. eaglepack is able to document the added contents for the file such as categories, tags, titles, URLs, markups, notes, etc. The following are the instructions to open .eaglepack file:

Step 1 - Install Eagle App

Eagle App is a digital asset management software for designers, it can help you organize all the design materials, assets and inspirations with ease. Eagle supports Windows & Mac operating system, it provides 30 days trial and support.

Step 2 Import .eaglepack file

To view and use the files and materials inside .eaglepack file, you can:

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Congrats! You’ve successfully download and import eaglepack for the first time! Now you can browse and interact more with Eagle Community by discover design inspirations, explore files, and support other creators!

If you are new to Eagle App, we also recommend visiting "Getting Started with Eagle App" page, where it will help you quickly understand the functions and services provided by Eagle and enhance your design experience!